From simple carbon reduction plans to full scale carbon management, support your journey towards a sustainable energy future with our seasoned expertise. We guide organizations towards carbon compliance through strategic advice, best practice implementation and crafting effective carbon reduction plans. We remain committed to progress through consistently updating annual plans, evaluating objectives, and fine-tuning strategies. Beyond this, our proficiency extends to carbon offset initiatives and social value engineering enabling organizations to simultaneously foster positive environmental change and achieve their goals.


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How it benefits organizations

Receive the guidance and expertise needed to put corporate Net Zero pledges into practice.

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Ensure your budgetary plans are supported with robust procurement and consumption strategies.

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Boost resident satisfaction and cut costs with a tailored utilities billing solution.

Public Sector Compliance

Receive the guidance and expertise needed to put corporate Net Zero pledges into practice.

About Us

At Carbon Reduction Plan, we are dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes in their Carbon Reduction Planning (CRP) endeavours. Our expertise lies in meticulously recording and managing carbon emissions, offering comprehensive solutions for micro to medium-sized SMEs. We recognize the importance of addressing environmental concerns and strive to be your trusted partner in achieving sustainability goals.

Our first step is to help you identify and understand your emission areas. Through careful analysis and data collection, we pinpoint the sources of carbon emissions within your organisation. This includes activities like energy consumption, transportation, waste management, and other relevant aspects.

Once we have a clear picture of your carbon footprint, our team employs advanced calculations and methodologies to precisely measure and record these emissions. We utilize industry-standard protocols and cutting-edge tools to ensure accuracy and reliability in the process. This data serves as a foundation for developing a tailored action plan to minimize your environmental impact effectively.


Children’s Aid

Titan did a great job in helping us to understand our reporting requirements and supporting us on our carbon reduction journey. They made the whole process of completing our CRP easy to understand and follow and were always available to provide help and guidance when needed.

"Zahra Akhtar, Trustee Children’s Aid"

Care Northwest

Titan helped us to quickly understand our obligations in order to bid for public sector framework contracts and ensure we were compliant with our carbon planning requirements. We now understand our carbon footprint and know what we need to do every year to stay compliant.

"Shirlan Reid, Operations Manager, Care NW "


Working with Titan has helped us to understand our carbon footprint and put in place policies and procedures to demonstrate we are a socially and environmentally responsible firm committed to reducing our carbon emissions.

"Gudu Mian, Director Yacksmart"

Munches Ltd

Thanks to Titan we now feel confident in marketing ourselves as an environmentally friendly company to our customers.

"Nomi, Manager, Munches"